About Us

We are Nobibi, and we love ice cream, and we love serving it to people who love it too.
Our mission is to make sure that everyone can enjoy handcrafted frozen treats made from Fresh fruit and the finest ice cream in a boutique setting - and that's what we do best at Nobibi.
We believe that ice cream should be a party, and we take pride in creating imaginative flavors that taste as tantalizing as they look. We want your visit to be an adventure - from the moment you walk through the door until the last lick of your cone.
We’ll make sure every bite of our creamy creations keep you coming back for more!

Shirley Shinn

Nobibi is a family-run business that started in the founder’s home kitchen. 

Shirley's passion for making better food brings innovation and creativity to the table in the form of Nobibi, a company that makes real ice cream made from only the best ingredients. She knew her family deserved the finest options when it came to dessert, and so she created Nobibi - an excellent after meal option that is fun, delicious, and good for the soul.

It didn't take long for people to realize what Shirley was doing with her masterpieces - not just her family, but everyone who tried them! During the pandemic Nobibi had since opened its first retail location in Chino Hills! Even while the world was flipped upside down, Shirley found a way to grow through her experiments with new flavors and techniques.

OneV Capital

OneV Capital Partner (www.onevcapital.com) is an investment company founded in 2013 that believes knowledge is the core basis of strength. At OneV Capital, we strongly invest in real estate that we believe are undervalued. OneV’s team work tirelessly to ensure that every investment is perfectly thought out and well-planned.

With OneV Capital, they are able to license Nobibi out to other entrepreneurs who have been dreaming of owning their own business. With their extensive real estate portfolio and connections with other landlords, they believe that they can bring Nobibi to the next level.

Tyna Tran

As the CEO of Nobibi, Tyna Tran, with over 10 successful years in the Food and Beverage industry, is a dynamic leader with a passion for both business and love of ice-cream and tea.

With a background in hospitality management and a keen understanding of consumer preferances, Tyna has successfully guided Nobibi brand through strategic expansions and innovative menu additions. Under her visionary leadership, Nobibi has not only become a beloved local hub but has also embraced sustainable practices, sourcing ethically and promoting community engagement.

Tyna's commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and a warm, inviting atmosphere has solidified Nobibi's reputation as a go-to destination for sweet dessert enthusiasts and casual patrons alike.

Brett M. Buterick

As an Advisor Board member of Nobibi, Brett is a leading franchise expert who has helped launch over 70 franchise brands. He assists companies navigate state and federal franchise registration and renewal laws, and regularly helps early-stage franchise clients devise formation, expansion, and sale strategies. Brett works with franchisors, entrepreneurs, and business owners of all sizes and across a wide range of industries to provide a detail-oriented, experienced, and practical approach to addressing any franchise-related issue.

Our Vision

We're looking for partners to help us expand our business nationally.
We believe that investing in your treats should be fun and rewarding, and we can provide the best opportunity to generate returns that can substantially outperform most competitors in our market. We aim to grow into 10-15 stores by 2024 and 20-25 stores by 2025.
Our streamlined franchising program will help your success in being part of Nobibi, and we are here with you every step of the way.

Our Values

Innovation: We offer innovative design in both product presentation and trend setting interior decor. Like our delectable treats, we want every Nobibi experience to be a work of art.

Quality: We strive for excellence in everything we do, from quality ingredients to quality products.

Connection: Dessert would be pointless with out people to share it with. Being sweet is our love language.

Our Mission

To provide innovative frozen treats and beverages made from premium ingredients served in a boutique setting.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to consistently provide excellent service and quality products accessible to all customers. With a hands-on management approach that is always focused on customer experience, the attention to detail will be essential to Nobibi’s success.

What Makes Us Special

We are committed to making sure you have the best experience possible when you step into any Nobibi boutique.
We believe that every moment is special and should be enjoyed with the people you love. We want to create a culinary delight that will take your taste buds on the adventure of a lifetime.
With our uniquely crafted confectionaries we aim to design a delicacy to be shared by your friends and family. We believe that Nobibi should be a place where you can do away with the mundane and take on a sense of excitement.
We're committed to making innovative products that will keep you coming back week after week!